What We Do


Our team is driven by a passion for protecting every American’s right to lead a healthier life without being limited to Big Pharma’s products. We tirelessly lobby and advocate for individuals to make informed decisions about their health – free from government and corporate interference.

We defeat draconian bills and restrictions. We share vital information and make voter contacts. Most importantly, we protect America’s right to healthy alternative medicine.

Who We Represent


We speak for individuals and small businesses, from the farmers who cultivate hemp crops to the manufacturers and trusted retailers providing consumers with natural remedies. Whether you are a farmer, retailer, consumer, or manufacturer, we are here to support you and promote the potential of hemp, CBD, and other healthy alternatives.

What We Support


We believe adults should have the freedom to choose healthy alternatives to big pharma’s products. To that end, we support reasonable age restrictions on the purchase of specific product categories. We also advocate for packaging restrictions to keep these products from being attractive or accessible to minors.

Where We Stand on Federally Legal Cannabinoids


Recent years have brought rapid changes to the cannabis industry, with many states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. Yet, despite this progress, many states are banning federally legal, hemp derived products. 

As supporters of safe, responsible cannabis use, we believe it is time for the federal government to adopt an evidence-based approach to hemp and cannabis policy.

Over half of all states have legalized cannabis in some form, demonstrating its medical potential and economic benefits of these healthy alternative products. 

Where legal, cannabis has offered individuals an effective alternative to Big Pharma products. 

We believe in securing these benefits for Americans in all 50 states.