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Leading the way forward for Hemp & Healthy Alternative Products, join us.

Patriotic Advocacy for Healthy Alternatives: The American Commitment to Wellness

The American Healthy Alternatives Association proudly champions a mission rooted in patriotism, advocating for science-driven, equitable, and inclusive laws and regulations that support industries focused on healthy alternatives. From agriculture to oilseed, fiber, and wellness-promoting extracts and supplements, we strive to establish a robust, sustainable supply chain that embodies responsible commerce in America.

AHAA Mission

What We Do

As a coalition of leading companies and organizations, the American Healthy Alternatives Association stands tall as a beacon of safe and innovative products in the realm of healthy alternatives. We embody the spirit of the nation by representing major grassroots organizations and leading the charge in promoting health-conscious choices through unwavering dedication to education and proactive initiatives.

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Our Distinctive Health Triumphs

We prioritize Americans and their access to healthier alternatives.

Multiple State Chapters

Together, as a united team, we are actively propelling positive change within a thriving and rapidly evolving industry.

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Harmful Bills

We have successfully influenced the course of $59 million in detrimental hemp-related legislation, shaping a more positive outcome for the industry and its stakeholders.

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Voters: 54,152,573

Engaging actively with voters is a crucial step in mobilizing support and fostering a sense of community empowerment to collectively drive positive change in various aspects of society.

AHAA Mission

What We Support

As the preeminent champion of hemp and healthy alternatives businesses in America, we are steadfast in our commitment to shaping the industry's future through influential state and federal policies. Stand with us to amplify your voice and drive change in the halls of power in Washington D.C. and beyond. Explore how you can actively participate in our endeavors today to shape a brighter tomorrow.

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We passionately advocate for individuals seeking natural remedies, championing small businesses, and standing beside dedicated hemp farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. Whether you're cultivating the land as a farmer, distributing products as a retailer, enjoying the benefits as a consumer, or crafting solutions as a manufacturer, we are here to provide unwavering support. Our mission is to wholeheartedly promote the boundless potential of hemp, CBD, and various other natural alternatives, fostering a community dedicated to wellness and sustainability.

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